Bringing great stories to the

stage and the page.

Bringing great stories to the stage and the page.

Let’s skip the niceties and share our stories

I hate small talk. Don’t you? Nowadays, we don’t even need to talk about the weather forecast. I mean, we’ve all got an app on our phones for that.

Instead, I want to know how the weather reminds you of the time your mother took you to the beach to collect a bucket full of shells. Or how the smell of rain makes you feel peaceful, or that the threat of snow reminds you of the epic neighborhood-wide snowball fight you were never able to recreate.

To me, living is about connecting deeply with people. Not all people, all the time, because then riding the subway would be exhausting. But whenever we can, even in small ways through a warm smile or a “Thank you” or an “Are you okay?”

Connection starts with conversation—the “I hear you and you hear me” conversation that isn’t just “dueling monologues,” as actor Alan Alda calls it. I help make deep connections through storytelling on the page and on the stage, and I can help you tell your story.

Whether you’re thinking of writing a book or a speech or you’re looking for someone to touch your audience’s hearts at your event, I can help you skip the small talk and connect people in a shared purpose. Because, there’s simply no app for that.

Jen Singer

Author. Speaker. Cancer Survivor.

I’m on a mission to free people from the Tyranny of Positive Thinking.

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