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Working with Jen 

When people ask me for writing samples, it seems what they're really asking is, "Did you write this exact book or speech before and therefore, you can prove its viability and confirm your expertise?"

I get it. I really do. You're investing in professional ghostwriting, writing coaching, or developmental editing, and you want to make sure I can write what you need. 

In my decades-long career, I've written --sheesh-- must be millions of words for hundreds of clients and for myself in books and bylines of some of the most well-known publications and web sites in the world. Google me. You'll find them.

There was my op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about removing chocolate milk from school menus when nobody was paying attention to the sugar bomb called a "honey bun" and several op-eds about new laws that would effectively outlaw freelancing. There was the memoir that required an excision of 40,000 words, the TEDx speeches that made it to the red dot, and a funny novel I wish I could tell you about but it's ghostwritten, so I have to keep it to myself. There were two business parables, multiple memoirs, dozens and dozens of speeches, and umpteen blog posts of my own that led to traditionally published books. There were several book proposals that have secured literary agents and publishers for my clients.

I've been a professional writer since the days of self-addressed stamped envelopes for editors to send back contracts or rejections. I can write just about anything.

If we hit it off in our complimentary Zoom session --and I have a feeling we will-- I will share writing samples and I can even write something fresh just for you in my proposal for your project. 

Let's meet to see if we're a good match. Your book, book proposal, or speech deserves a seasoned professional who has your back.

Cindi Davis-Andress

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