I can help you find the words

Hire me to help you write your book or speech.

I can help you find the words

Hire me to help you write your book or speech.

Do you need a Coach, a Ghost, or a Surgeon?

Everybody writes—and every writer can use a little help.

What that help looks like depends on whether you’re stuck, lost, or overwhelmed.

I can help.

I can help you write your story for the stage or the page.

I believe that we learn best through well-told stories that help us see things differently, feel deeply, and inspire us to change our lives for the better.

I’ve written, edited, and published seven books, including an award-winning memoir. For 14 years, I blogged, both on my own websites and for Good Housekeeping and Yahoo. That’s a lot of mini-stories told over a long period of time. I’ve written speeches that have brought people to their feet and to tears, and I’ve penned essays and opinion pieces for magazines and newspapers that readers have emailed and posted online or tacked to their bulletin boards and refrigerator doors across the country.

Whether you want to share your life story, hard-earned lessons you’ve learned, or an inspiring and heart-felt message, I can help you find the words.

Here’s how I can help

I can help you complete a book proposal to send to a literary agent for traditional publishing.

Initial meeting:

We will discuss your goals for the book, its category (i.e. memoir, business) target reader, messaging, key points, and any materials and research needed. We will create an editorial schedule.

Craft proposal outline:

I will provide a questionnaire to help create the content for the sections of the book proposal: overview, about the author, marketing, and competition.

Write proposal content:

I use the questionnaire answers to draft the pages listed above.

Edit chapter outline:

You will write short summaries for each chapter, and I will edit them to fit the proposal. There is one round of editing for the chapter outline.

Edit sample chapters:

You will supply copy for two sample chapters, and I will edit and provide feedback about content, format, and tone. There will be two rounds of editing for the sample chapters.

Copy editing:

Your proposal will be copyedited according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Additional meetings:

As needed, we will have up to two additional meetings to discuss content and editing throughout the process.

Additional editing:

If a literary agent requests edits, up to two hours of proposal editing is included. Additional edits are billed at $500 per hour.

Query letter:

I will help you craft a query letter to send to literary agents.

$15,000 – $20,000

50% deposit. Additional payment schedule to be determined.

I can help you write and edit a book for traditional or self-publishing.


Initial meeting:

We will discuss the state of your 25,000- to 80,000-word manuscript, your goals for publishing, and plans for marketing.

Manuscript review and analysis:

I will review your completed manuscript and provide an analysis for next steps to prepare the book for pitching to literary agents (for traditional publishing) or for self-publishing.


For manuscript review, two- to three-page analysis, and initial meeting.


Developmental editing:

I will edit your manuscript according to our agreed upon goals and my analysis. I will then return it to you with questions to answer.

Editing edits:

I will provide a second round of edits for the manuscript.

Starts at $20,000

For developmental editing and an additional round of edits.

I can ghostwrite a full-length manuscript for traditional or self-publishing.

Initial meeting:

A one-hour teleconference to discuss your goals, audience, messaging, key points, and any research for your 25,000- to 80,000-word book and prepare to produce an outline.

Create editorial schedule and a chapter outline:

I will provide a detailed timeline for writing and editing your manuscript and a chapter outline.

Write and edit:

I will write and edit the manuscript, meeting with you via teleconference up to 2 more times as needed.

Starts at $20,000

(2-3 slots available per calendar year. The process takes 4 to 12 months.)

30% deposit for first two chapters. Additional payment schedule to be determined.

I can help you write and edit a keynote speech or TEDx talk.

Initial meeting:

A one-hour teleconference to discuss your goals, audience, messaging, key points, and any research for your 15- to 45-minute speech.


I will help you write and edit the speech through a total of 4 teleconferences or ghostwrite the speech for you.


"Jen is a delight to work with—very enthusiastic about my ideas and captured my voice. She’s the total package—high energy, talented, creative, responsive, and a pleasure to work with."

Dr. Tom Nicholson Author & Colorectal Surgeon

"Jen is personable, punctual, reliable, extremely detailed, and a woman of integrity whose passion for writing and storytelling is second to none."

Mike Palombi Author & Speaker

"Jen is a rare breed of professional who is able to be an independent self-starter and a team player all at once."

Justin Colby Onward Publishing

"Jen is not only brilliant with words, she is also a sparring parter in content development for my speeches, helping me write and edit two TEDx talks and two keynotes. She listens for the intention behind your message and then transforms the words into content that resonates with the audience. I highly recommend that you work with Jen to develop your next speech."

Jeanette Bronee Keynote speaker

Don’t wait to tell your story

Let’s talk about writing. Contact me to arrange a free initial consultation to determine what kind of help you need to write your book or speech and how I can help.

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